Flowing With the Seasons of Life



And it hit me! Our lives have seasons too. We have growth, hibernation, shedding, and periods of intensity. I see this in my life over and over again. So, how does this all fit together? 


A time of shedding and de-cluttering. Letting go…


A time of rest, hibernation, renewal…


A time of blossoming, blooming, growth, emerging…


A time of intense energy, heat, passion, action. Play, work, flow…

AND THEN THE CYCLE BEGINS AGAIN! Does this ring true to you? Which season are you in right now?

Embrace the season you are in at this point in your life…it may last a day, a week, a month, or years…

It is all perfect, beautiful and part of the natural rhythms of life!

Share which season you are currently experiencing in the comments below :)

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Introducing “It’s YOUR Time!” New Facebook Community

time flyingI’ve listened when you said you would like additional support and a free community with like-minded souls. So, I have created a new Facebook group: “It’s YOUR Time!“. Check it out and join…take time for you and let’s begin the conversation. Feel free to ask for feedback and provide support in this safe space. Be the first to join as an inaugural member… CLICK HERE :) Looking forward to chatting more…

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Your Story Matters!

your story matters quote
Do you use your story to help inspire, encourage, heal others?

I use my story sometimes…mostly in small snippets. What I’ve been through doesn’t define me, but it is part of who I am…it has helped shape me!

Experienced a childhood with unspeakable traumas. It has allowed me to help numerous children over the years. Have been divorced and successfully remarried. I know that there is life that can emerge from the ashes. Am a sexual abuse survivor and learning to love my body more each day…and I do still love sex  (heehee!). I am a mother, step-mother, and business woman. I care deeply AND can always use more self-care. I love God…I love you!

What will you share with someone today? 

(leave in comments below)

Sleep Well Meditation: Clear Your Day and Mind Before Bedtime

Sleep is one of the most important part of our lives. While resting, our body and mind heal and renew. Bedtime can be difficult when your mind is racing and you just can’t settle down.

I have created a meditation just for bedtime to help you…SLEEP WELL!

CLICK HERE for the meditation on my YouTube Channel. I hope it helps you get some more “zzzzz’s”!!!

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Do you use any special bedtime routines or rituals that help you have more restful sleep? Answer in comments below :)

I’d LOVE Your Input!

facebook personal picIn order to better serve you, I am in the process of updating my website and evolving what I offer. I’d love some input from you…just take these 3 quick, fun polls to help me out :) 

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Daily Reminders to Thrive…#NoteToSelf has begun!

Note to Self 2- Today is bountiful and gloriousWe could always use a little more inspiration in our lives. There is no such thing as too much inspiration, is there?

I am happy to announce #NoteToSelf: Daily Reminders to Thrive! 

Here is the first one! I’ll be sharing a #NoteToSelf everyday on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (simply follow me on 1 or all 3 to get them):

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Sneak Peak of the Upcoming E-Course on Being Your Authentic Self, “Live True”

Be authentic live true inspiration quotesThe world needs to hear from YOU! 

I’ve been really working hard to get this upcoming e-course, “Live True”, out to help break through any barriers stopping you from sharing who you truly are with the world. 

Want an inside view?

Here is a sneak peak video into the e-course: WATCH HERE

If you want to be updated on the release of “Live True” email me at info@zeenaburse.com or post in comments below!

Until next time, remember to Live Inspired! 

Here is the link again to watch the sneak peak…CLICK HERE! 

Take A Moment for You: 2-Minute Meditation to Relax, Re-Center, Breathe

imagesDo you have those days when you wish you could just have a moment to yourself?

I know I do…so I made this free quick 2-minute meditation for us…that we can use at work, home, or even in the bathroom. Some breathing space (literally) to help you relax and re-center so you can be more calm, while still being productive. Take the time for YOU!

Click Here for the Meditation :) (Note: it will open in YouTube, but if you want the mp3 version, please comment below or email me)

How you are going to use this meditation? Tell me in the comments below…

Oh…and remember, I’ll have even more meditations in my upcoming e-course, “Live True” to be released in the next few weeks…STAY TUNED!

Let Your Authentic Voice Be Heard

i_love_my_voice_You may be asking yourself, “what do I have to say?” or “who me?”…YES, your voice is important. There are things you have to say that no one else can…you are a beautiful blend of your experiences, pains, triumphs, and skills. Only YOU are YOU! Let us hear your voice! What are you not saying? What are you holding back? Listen deep within for your truth and then express it. Do it for you…and for us…the world needs to hear your message!!!

If speaking your truth still seems tough or you want some help in this area, I am excited to share that I will be releasing a special program very soon (I am hoping  very, very soon)–“LIVE TRUE!: 7 Days to Break Free and Be YOU!” Stay tuned for more information. 

Until then…know that I am rooting for you!

Share your thoughts in the comment section below :)