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Hawaii and Lots of Soul Searching

I wish soul searching was easy. It is not! You know what I mean??? This summer has been INTENSE! I have had crazy moments of confusion, emotional pain and release. I am thankful for having gone through it [sort of] since clarity, understanding and rest were waiting for me on the other side. Had to […]


Choosing Love

Do you choose love over fear? In this world, with the onslaught of horrific events and the media, it is so easy to lean toward fear. Or hate. Or competition. Or irritation. Yes, we should feel the emotions we feel. Bad stuff does happen. It is okay to grieve. Feel anger. Just don’t get stuck […]

-Love the Life You Live. Live the Life

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

What makes you come alive? What makes your heart sing? So often we go through life just getting by. Just following the daily routines we have set up to somehow get us through until the next night and the next morning. And then it begins again. Drab. Boring. Unfulfilling. Our lives are meant to have […]

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