Chakra Meditation…and I’d Love Your Help…

images (12)I am pleased to (finally!) share with you a Chakra Meditation with Himalayan Singing Bowls. I did this meditation in collaboration with Christy of Seeking Yugen, who played the singing bowls.

Also, your  unique experience and input make you an extremely valuable resource. I was hoping you can help me in creating some new programs and services to better serve you by filling out this brief survey (takes about 45 seconds). CLICK HERE!

Thank you in advance…I’ll be back again soon :) In the mean time, please also check out my YouTube channel for more useful information.

I hope this guided meditation can provide you with some relaxation, healing and grounding:

A Time of Transition

imagesAfter a long summer hiatus, I am happy to let you know I am still alive and kicking! It was great seeing some of you at my recent groups or in individual sessions during this period.

Our second daughter began college a few weeks ago, which has left us with only our 2 boys at home. It is so interesting to experience how our home contracts when our children leave and then expands when they come back for visits. 

My life has been in transition not only related to motherhood, but also in my work. I will be leaving my office in Chatsworth and moving my practice into my house. This will mean that I will no longer be doing in-person meetups regularly. So, this month of September will bring my last Mediumship Development Circle (on Friday, September 12, 2014) and last Spiritual Awareness Group (on Saturday, September 20, 2014). 

I am looking forward to the new chapter of my life and will be rolling out some new ways to fulfill my life’s work. Stay tuned, because I will be asking for your input on ways I can best serve you!

Coming soon is a wonderful meditation I will share with you…and will aim to upload it to my YouTube channel in the next couple of weeks!

I’d love to hear how you are doing…please comment below :)

Ways Deceased Loved Ones Communicate With Us

heart cloudSo many people I have worked with over the years have asked questions about communication with deceased loved ones. Our desire to connect can be so strong that we expect they will communicate with us in a certain fashion; however, there are multiple ways they can make contact with us. The trick is to open your heart and all of your senses to receive…here is a vlog about ways our deceased loved ones communicate with us.


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Joy and Living Your Truth

rainbow-joyWhether you believe we have one or many lives, our time on Earth in our current life passes by quickly. I recently watched a few documentaries (“Happy“Afterlife”, and “The Secret”) and their alchemy sparked this topic: “Joy and Living Your Truth”. The questions emerged: What brings you the most joy? Are you living your truth?

As I connect with deceased loved ones during readings, often the underlying messages from them is to love, make the most of what you are given and live without regrets. This means not being ruled by fear or ego, but instead being led by your passions and your joy. Although, I stepped “out of the spiritual closet” some time ago–it is an ongoing process and I still understand the internal tug of war that can arise between spiritual guidance, including following your heart, and society’s demands/expectations.

So as you reflect on this, I hope you can connect with what truly brings you joy and find one thing you can begin today, so you can share your truth with the world!

Here is a short vlog on “Joy and Living Your Truth” and you can find more  videos and meditations on my YouTube Channel…Enjoy!

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences–please comment below :)

“You Are Worth It!” & Celebrating Mother’s Day

mother picWe all are born into this world through a mother, so whether or not we have given birth to a child, we ALL have a connection to motherhood. Thank you to everyone who has ever cared for and/or touched the life of a child.

We are not reminded enough how amazing we truly are…so I have shared a reminder via video that “You Are Worth It!”Also, below and on my YouTube channel is a video with something I wrote entitled, “Celebrating A Mother’s Body” in honor of Mother’s Day and inspired by own my journey to reclaim my body. 

Much love to you all and infinite blessings…

Message of Inspiration: “You Are Worth It!”

“Celebrating a Mother’s Body”

I would love to hear your thoughts–please comment below!

100 Days Towards Reclaiming My Body

photoMy weight has fluctuated since puberty. I went on my first diet at 14 years old. In 2013, I  realized that I became the biggest I had ever been. I knew I had to make a change, yet couldn’t get my food and exercise on track….so I prayed and prayed.

On January 9, 2014, my prayer was answered. I was blessed to come across a new website,, and I started that day! I knew it was what I needed. I have just finished 100 days of “Reclaiming my Body and Moving More” with daily mini-vlog uploads tracking my ups and downs. This has held me accountable and, finally, I have made some progress in regaining my health and am eager for more success. It is truly amazing what can be accomplished with just a daily commitment to take small, consistent steps.

You can check out my progress on my YouTube channel at Please feel free to pass along this article and/or my videos :)

Here is my Day 100 Video for “Reclaiming My Body & Moving More”:

I’d love to hear your comments or thoughts in the comment section below!

Evolution of My Life’s Work

landscapeOver the past several months, God has been actively pushing me outside of my comfort zone, which has led to more shifts energetically and in my spiritual work. I am proud to officially announce the “evolution of my life’s work”. Please feel free to check out my website for the full menu of my updated services and my video below also has more information.

I’d like to share my recently revealed Mission Statement–I hope I can support you too:

To help my fellow souls, living on the earth plane, remember their spiritual origins and use their unique gifts to share the highest, most authentic version of themselves with the world.

Here is the video re: “Evolution of My Life’s Work”:


I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts–please comment below!

Healing with the Angels (with Meditation)

downloadWe have access to an unlimited source of healing, love and protection. The angelic realm is always ready to help. Turning to angels and archangels for help in our healing and protection is as easy as asking for their assistance and focusing our intentions. 

Some major archangels you can call on are Archangel Michael (for protection, strength, etc.), Archangel Raphael (for healing), Archangel Gabriel (for creativity, inspiration, communication, etc.) and Archangel Uriel (for increasing your spiritual connection). 

I have provided a “Healing with the Angels” Meditation to help you connect and to facilitate angelic healing…


Some of you have asked about my recent weight loss. I have been on a daily journey to “Move More and Reclaim My Body”. I recently completed 70 days, with my next major milestone being 100 days! I post daily at and have uploaded compilation videos of the journey on my Youtube channel under the playlist: “Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness”

 Here is the video of “Days 51-70: Reclaiming My Body & Moving More”:


I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and experiences–please comment below :)

The Process of Co-Creating (with video)

The-CreationWe can have the lives that we envision. How? We are co-creators with God, Source, the Divine. Truly!

To help understand co-creation, I like to describe the process in 4 stages: fertilization, gestation, birth, and nurturance.

 Fertilization: This stage happens when you have an idea or hope and it is given the “go ahead” by the Divine. It can also be when God plants a seed about a project, idea, relationship, etc. and you agree to move forward with it.

Gestation: During this stage, there is a process of growth and expansion, which you have little control over. This is when you wait patiently and may do some research, pray and meditate similar to when you are pregnant with a child.

Birth: This is when the project, idea, relationship, etc. comes in to material form.

Nurturance: During this stage, you can “raise” what is now in your life to continue to help it expand, grow, and evolve.

An example of co-creation from my life is when I was inspired by God to open my own office. I then had to agree to take this step (fertilization). I researched and waited until the right place came available (gestation). When I found the location, I signed the contract and it became official (birth). Now, I need to pay rent, clean, and market my business (nurturance).

Another example is when I was ready to start dating after the end of my first marriage. I had to get an “okay” from the Divine to move forward with dating (fertilization). I dated a few people and waited until the right person came along (gestation). Then, when it was time, I finally met someone special (birth). We built a relationship, got married and still need to “feed” our relationship all the time (nurturance).

Enjoy the process of co-creation. It involves intention, faith, patience and effort. The outcome…is a full and blessed life.

Please check out my video on “The Process of Co-Creating” for more about co-creation: 

I’d love to hear your comments, questions and experiences. Please share in the comment section below.