The Process of Co-Creating (with video)

The-CreationWe can have the lives that we envision. How? We are co-creators with God, Source, the Divine. Truly!

To help understand co-creation, I like to describe the process in 4 stages: fertilization, gestation, birth, and nurturance.

Fertilization: This stage happens when you have an idea or hope and it is given the “go ahead” by the Divine. It can also be when God plants a seed about a project, idea, relationship, etc. and you agree to move forward with it.

Gestation: During this stage, there is a process of growth and expansion, which you have little control over. This is when you wait patiently and may do some research, pray and meditate similar to when you are pregnant with a child.

Birth: This is when the project, idea, relationship, etc. comes in to material form.

Nurturance: During this stage, you can “raise” what is now in your life to continue to help it expand, grow, and evolve.

An example of co-creation from my life is when I was inspired by God to open my own office. I then had to agree to take this step (fertilization). I researched and waited until the right place came available (gestation). When I found the location, I signed the contract and it became official (birth). Now, I need to pay rent, clean, and market my business (nurturance).

Another example is when I was ready to start dating after the end of my first marriage. I had to get an “okay” from the Divine to move forward with dating (fertilization). I dated a few people and waited until the right person came along (gestation). Then, when it was time, I finally met someone special (birth). We built a relationship, got married and still need to “feed” our relationship all the time (nurturance).

Enjoy the process of co-creation. It involves intention, faith, patience and effort. The outcome…is a full and blessed life.

Please check out my video on “The Process of Co-Creating” for more about co-creation:  CLICK HERE for the video!

I’d love to hear your comments, questions and experiences. Please share in the comment section below.

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